Since many buyers in market complain the hair they bought can't last and they always have some very bad experiences shopping online, They don't know how to buy good hair from so many chaotic hair sellers online.


Are you also been plagued by this trouble?

When the beauty of black women around world so desired to be able to use the best hair longer time without worry, as the top hair brand has a mission that brings beauty and valuable service to customers around world, Nazoda Hair was determined to research and develop a unique top quality virgin hair, and ensure that the top quality virgin hair can last many years. In the development process, the Co-founder Enzo and Joanna tried hundreds of ways to solve this problem. Finally, heaven pays off, they found the best material in the world and the most advanced technology to keep hair curl. Now we put our fingerprint here to help you recognize the original hair.


Most importantly, We are your consultant in terms of hair using&caring more than a hair supplier! We promise the virgin hair can last one year at least. In addition, We will try our best to help you solve hair problems or return/refund. It's our responsibility to bring you a pleasant shopping experience!




Nazoda Hair provides the highest quality Indian hair products in the industry, while guaranteeing professional and informed expert assistance for a pampering online shopping experience.




We always think about the question: how to make you more beautiful? There is no doubt that it is our mission! Make you more beautiful! 




Nazoda Hair has excellent sales and after-sales team. The members do their best to provide customers with the best solution for purchasing & using hair. Efficient and patience are their features.


Nazoda Hair supplies top virgin hair/raw hair to customers around the world and has won the trust of customers and recognition. Honesty is the greatest tag of us.


Want to know more about Nazoda Hair? Contact us via Email: nazodahair@gmail.com 


Authentic & Organically Sourced


When shopping Nazoda Hair, you should expect to receive hair that is organically curated with you in mind. With over 10 years of experience in the raw hair industry, we know the ins and outs of everything.  We work with Indian small family based factories and this allows us to control and maintain the quality process.  Nazoda Hair has absolutely NO synthetic fibers, NO animal hair and NO foul smell! Just PURE HAIR! Infact, our hair smells so good, it will blow your mind! Each Nazoda virgin bundle is conditioner washed before we ship them to you


Longevity & versatility


Every virgin bundle/raw bundle is made to last so long as you care for it. Our hair looks better with every wash, year after year. When you shop with Nazoda Hair, we provide you with all that you need to keep it looking brand new every day. The styles you can achieve with your Nazoda Hair are endless. Because. you are receiving pure natural hair, you are able to wear it straight, wavy or curly. There are no limits.


Quality Control


We uphold a very high standard on the type of hair that we source. We like to say if “Joanna wont wear it, then we don't want it.” Joanna is one of our Founder by the way. Our team is intensively passionate about hair. We pour this same passion to the hair that we ship to you. Before any Nazoda Hair is shipped out, they are hand washed and air dried to ensure you are receiving only the very best.


Customer Service & Support


We believe our customers are our biggest assets. Without you, there is no us. We provide you with loads of resources on our blogs and social media platforms on how to care for you and your hair. In the event, you need to reach a live person, you are able to call our Customer service number at +86 166 2045 6751 or email us here.


Fast Shipping


We understand that your hair is serious business and we don't want you to ever wait long weeks to receive your Nazoda Hair. This is why we have flexible and easy shipping schedules. We never pre-sale or over-selll. All verified orders ship within 1 business day or sooner. All products are shipped from our Indian factory to the Chinese warehouse, orders ship out of our warehouse in China Guangzhou. Feel free to see our shipping policy for more details.