Welcome to Nazoda Hair Wholesale Zone!

We are pleased to provide a better price for the bulk purchase of the customer.

Want to details of wholesale, please send an email to business@nazoda.com


Become NAZODA Distributor

As a global brand, NAZODA hopes to provide more great products and valuable service to the sisters all over the world.

We have strong product supply chain and great marketing capabilities. In order to be more convenient and close to customers, we need distributors all over the world. Whether you are a local businessman, a hairdresser, a social media guru, or any other persons with a willingness to sell hair, we are willing to talk to you for the next step of cooperation.

1. If you want to inquire how to be a distributor of NAZODA, please send an email to business@nazoda.com.

2. This is the automatic distribution link we generated. Register to become our distributor. We have different commission policies for different products.
Registration link: https://nazoda.goaffpro.com/create-account 
Login link: nazoda.goaffpro.com/login 
Learn more about our distribution and commission rules: nazoda.goaffpro.com